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About Usewoodfuel Scotland

Woodfuel burning

About Usewoodfuel Scotland

Usewoodfuel Scotland was created by Forestry Commission Scotland as part of a package of work delivered under the Regional Biomass Advice Network (RBAN) project which ran from 2008 to 2011.

The overall objective of the programme was to bring about a vibrant, sustainable and viable biomass industry in Scotland. The RBAN's activities encouraged the installation of biomass boilers and to develop the wood fuel supply chain.

RBAN's aim was to deliver a co-ordinated biomass development programme across Lowlands & Upland Scotland, with a Biomass Development Officer based in each of Forestry Commission Scotland's Conservancy areas.

RBAN was a partnership between Forestry Commission Scotland, the Scottish Government, Glasgow Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership, Scottish Enterprise, the Biomass Energy Centre and Forest Research, and part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The legacy of the RBAN project includes:

  • The selection of case studies which appear on this site and give an insight into some of the project's achievements.
  • A series of informative events and discussions across Scotland, the presentations from these are available to download
  • A Regional Woodfuel Forum was set up in each area of Scotland by the RBAN Biomass Development Officers, and these continue to provide networking opportunities and knowledge exchange to help the woodfuel industry to become established.

Forestry Commission Scotland continues to support and encourage the establishment of a woodfuel industry.