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Wood Pellet Case Studies

Boiler in outbuilding


  • The Isle of Eriska Hotel wood pellet boiler

    This case study by ALIEnergy looks at the reasons why the Isle of Eriska Hotel, situated on its own island in Argyll, converted to woodfuel for heating the rooms and its swimming pool.

  • Cloudhouse Café and Gallery wood fuel case study

    Cloudhouse cafe interior

    Café and exhibition space located in an off-gas grid area. The new owners were looking for a sustainable, economical heating system for the previously unused and unheated building. Woodfuel was considered the most suitable option given the geographic location and interior space. The wood pellet boiler is now an attractive feature in the main café area and runs hot water and under floor heating.

  • Tullynessle & Forbes Community Hall wood fuel case study

    Inside Tullynessle & Forbes community hall

    The hall’s previous heating system was expensive to run and operated on demand. Consequently, it was only turned on when absolutely needed, leaving the hall temperature very low and uncomfortable for users. The new wood pellet system provides constant background heating, making the hall a much more comfortable space with greatly increased community and local business usage.

  • Sky TV, Livingston

    As part of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, Sky commissioned the design of a solution for its Livingston contact centre which would help it reach its 2020 sustainability targets.

  • Woodfuel in the drinks industry: Tomatin Distillery

    The Scottish Whisky industry is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of renewable fuels. A shift from heavy fuel oil to biomass is seen as critical to achieving these objectives. This case study looks at how Tomatin Distillery has installed a wood pellet-fuelled steam boiler for use in its production process.

  • Woodfuel in Practice - the Hospitality Industry in Scotland

    Tourism is one of Scotland's largest business sectors, providing direct employment for 200,000 people and generating visitor spending of more than £4 billion a year. This sector study introduces five very different businesses in the Scottish hospitality industry, ranging from a small B&B to a large resort. All of them are contributing to the Scottish Government's aims of increasing renewable energy production and reducing CO2 emissions by using woodfuel systems, while also making substantial cost savings.

  • NHS Highland Biomass Case Study

    In 2013 NHS Highland commissioned the installation of seven heat cabins and four additional biomass systems as part of its ambitious carbon reduction plan. Each of the projects provides both an income and a reduction in cost of fuel. The savings are split between further energy saving measures and providing additional frontline care budgets to be spent on patient services.