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Funding and Incentives

There are various streams of funding and incentives for the installation of wood fuel systems, wood fuel production and wood fuel supply. Keep an eye on our News Section for new funding or incentives.

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Renewable Heat Incentive

Open for applications from 28th November 2011, this major new scheme provides financial support for renewable heat generation. This promises to be a huge boost to the wood fuel sector in Scotland. For those eligible for the scheme, a payment per kilowatt hour is available for the production of renewable heat over the life of the scheme.


Loans, incentives and grants for wood fuel users

Schemes offering financial support (loans, tax breaks, funding, grants) to businesses and other organisations installing and using woodfuel.


Grants for wood fuel suppliers

Sources of funding for the purchase of wood fuel supply chain equipment and machinery, and forestry management.

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Free support and information

Sources of free help for wood fuel users and suppliers, including business advice, renewables installation guidelines and energy efficiency.