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Through providing flexible finance CO2Sense works to support small scale (0.5-5MW) renewable energy projects in the UK. Their ethical investments support the costs of development as far as construction. All the proceeds from these investments are reinvested to further encourage sustainable development. They support both commercial and community scale projects.

Methods of investment

  • The exact method of investment is flexible and is designed to suit the project.
  • CO2 Sense look for a return to reflect the risks that they are taking. The exact terms will vary on a project by project basis, depending on how they rate the risks within the project and the level of security they are able to take.

What Co2Sense would consider

They have a particular preference for anaerobic digestion, biomass CHP, wind and hydro. As an example they can offer:

  • Development loans to fund works required to reach planning consent
  • Bridging loans to cover costs between planning permission and construction
  • Short term loans to cover construction costs

Community projects

As a CIC, CO2Sense are committed to providing the same type of investment support to community owned projects.

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