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Guidance for biomass users

The succesful realisation of biomass projects takes good planning. Biomass systems are more complex than fossil fuel systems, but if they are well implemented they will deliver efficient and reliable low carbon heating.

A growing and expert sector: Scotland's biomass industry has been developing in response to the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme which was introduced in 2011.  This has resulted in increased levels of technical competence and scale in the biomass fuel supply chain and installation sector, particularly for commercial scale installations.

Paraparam boiler

Planning a biomass system

Find out about the typical project phases and what you need to know to achieve a succesful installation, from funding and fuel choices to procurement and finding an installer.

Buying wood fuel

The wood fuel supply chain is well developed and you can secure a reliable supply of good quality wood chips or pellets almost anywhere in Scotland. You can find out more about buying wood fuel and where to find your local suppliers here…

Maintenance engineer and pipes

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Securing maintenance services

The operation and maintenance of a biomass installation requires a specialist service company. Find out more about where to find the expertise you need and what to look for here…


Poorly performing or broken installation?  Find what the causes might be and how fix them here…