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RHI deployment update

RHI deployment update

01 November 2018

In general the reforms of 2017 have seen a marked slow-down in new biomass deployment since then; particularly in the 1MW under size.

Some key facts are described below:

In Scotland since November 2011 under the Renewable Heat Incentive there have been 3,762 accredited biomass installations. This is 30% of GB total biomass installations.

In 2015 Scotland generated an estimated 5.3 - 5.6% of its non-electrical heat demand from renewable sources, up from 3.8% in 2014, continuing the year on year increases seen since 2008/09. This equates to 4,165 GWh of heat produced from renewable sources. Wood fuel used in biomass heat and CHP installations accounted for 89% of these renewable sources (the remaining 6% came from heat pumps and 5% from energy to waste plants).

As of September 2018, 87% of the accreditations under the RHI scheme (GB wide) were from biomass installations. The pie chart below illustrates this and the role of the other renewable heat technologies.

% RHI installations by technology type