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Testing & Analysis Biomass Fuels: are you assured?

Testing & Analysis Biomass Fuels: are you assured?

09 July 2018

With the industry being ever more creative in sourcing material for energy there has never been a greater need for inspection, testing and quality assurance.

The variety of materials with the potential to form reliable energy products is steadily growing though not all are without issue; even with virgin materials, and recyclates can present even greater issues.

Should you have been unlucky enough to suffer a boiler or plant failure or indeed if you are a fuel supplier or boiler installer you may have experienced some of these as invariably the finger gets pointed at the other party; what can be done to avoid damage downtime and expense.

Well, assuming the plant designs , installation and operations are all fit for purpose then the last (or should it be first) thing to check is the fuel and that it conforms with the boiler and plant requirements. Manufacturer's will typically specify fuel quality parameters however it is usually up to the operator to ensure these are complied with and on a regular basis; failure to do so may put warranties and insurance cover at risk.

Conformance to a quality specification brings a level of assurance with respect to fuel parameters allowing straightforward comparisons against design and operating criteria.

As well as specifying the fuel properties, this too should detail the origins of the material providing some assurance of a suitable and uncontaminated feedstock.

Routine sampling and testing to ensure fuel specifications are being complied with will provide confidence on an on-going basis.

All of these actions should form the basis of a fuel quality assurance plan that will allow the operator to monitor record and hopefully mitigate some of the problems highlighted above.

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