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Woodland Management and Woodfuel Demonstration, Hopetoun Estate

Woodland Management and Woodfuel Demonstration, Hopetoun Estate

27 May 2014, Edinburgh

Estate and farm woodland can provide multipurpose benefits, including a sustainable fuel supply, valuable timber products and environmental services.  Managed well, such woodlands have the potential to increase business diversification opportunities and to contribute towards the environmental value of the business.

Producing woodfuel from your woodlands, amongst other timber products, for example, can potentially make overall woodland management more economically attractive and in generating renewable heat from woodfuel you can also benefit financially from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

This event discussed how,by using the right expertise and equipment to plan, fell, extract and market their timber, woodland owners can manage their woodland to maximise its economic and environmental value and potentially create a new revenue stream for their business. Drawing on the specific experience gained by Hopetoun Estate, the event highlighted the practical steps taken in the production, supply and use of woodfuel and discussed the difference woodfuel has made to overall woodland management on the Estate.

The event included a range of practical woodland management and woodfuel processing demonstrations and provided an opportunity to view the existing wood fuelled district heating system and woodfuel storage facilities at Hopetoun Estate.

To access the presentations from the event click on the links below:

Hopetoun Estate Forestry: Woodland Management and Woodfuel. Tom Black SmithsGore

Opportunities and Challenges of Woodland Management, Mike Strachan, Forestry Commission Scotland

CSGN Farm Woodland Survey, Julie Paton, Forestry Commission Scotland

Planning and Financing a Woodfuel Heating Project, Joe Fergusson, Energy Agency

Small scale timber processing-adding value to farm woodlands, Jim Birely, Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers

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