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Key considerations for suppliers

If you're thinking of setting up a wood fuel supply business, here are some of the key areas to think about.

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    Access to raw sources of woodfuel

    If you have a source of raw woodfuel, consider how suitable it is, and how you can meet consumer demands for a long-term consistent supply.

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    Local market demand

    Researching your local market well will provide a sound basis for developing a cost effective and low carbon wood fuel business.

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    Quality and standards

    It is essential that you know the properties and quality of the fuel you supply. Wood fuel heating systems have very specific requirements.

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    Logistics and costs

    By optimising logistics (e.g. handling and delivery), you can keep wood fuel supply costs a minimum.

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    Capital investment

    Buying wood processing equipment can be a considerable investment and needs to be carefully considered before purchase.

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    Customer service and contracts

    Providing a level of service and charging that meets your customer’s needs is essential to a successful wood fuel supply business.

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    Sustainability requirements

    Both the Renewable Heat Incentive and Renewables Obligation now have sustainability criteria attached to them, meaning that end users wishing to claim these incentives can only source fuel from woodfuel suppliers who meet the relevant criteria.

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Co-operative working can help businesses break into the wood fuel market by removing barriers and developing mutually beneficial business models.