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Access to raw wood sources

Do you have a source of unused wood? Is it a long-term, reliable supply, or a one-off lot? Are you looking for a local source of wood to process?

Slabwood bundles

Sources of raw wood

Woodfuel comes from a wide range of sources: tree parts not suitable for high value timber products, trees removed for forest or woodland management purposes, energy forestry, sawmill and tree surgery residues, or waste wood from buildings and construction.

If you have your own woodland, think about what species of tree you can supply. Hardwoods are denser than softwoods and have a higher calorific value and so generate more heat per unit.

You can also purchase wood material to process from either the private or public sector, or even offer to manage woodlands for other people to generate wood for fuel. Forestry Commission Scotland sells raw woodfuel produced on the national forest estate.

Consistent supply - co-operatives are a solution

Consumers need a reliable regular supply and many will be looking for long-term contracts. So you need to be able to meet peak customer demand and have a back-up supply. If your supply is limited, working co-operatively with other suppliers may be the solution. Or you could buy in additional supplies from a third party.

One-off supply

If you have occasional raw wood material to sell, contact your local wood fuel supplier to see if they can take it.

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