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Customer service and contracts

Providing a level of service and charging that meets your customer's needs is essential to a successful wood fuel supply business.

Tractor delivering to wood fuel store

Package of services

What additional services can you provide? For example, regular maintenance, de-ashing of wood fuel boilers etc.

Energy services companies (ESCos) provide a complete package of turnkey installation, maintenance and fuel supply. This requires a large amount of capital, construction and building services expertise, and a guaranteed long-term fuel price.


Effective communication between the end user, fuel supplier and boiler installer is critical to ensure a good understanding of mutual requirements and how they translate into technical and practical terms.

Charging and contracts

Consider how you are going to charge your customers - by the tonne or per kWh? Heat contracts based upon a payment per kilowatt hour of heat delivered provide a better service for customers, as they are paying for the heat used without needing to monitor variations in the fuel supply.

The fuel supply contract should specify the exact fuel requirements (e.g. particle size, ash and moisture content) of the system you are supplying for.

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