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Logistics and costs

By optimising logistics (e.g. handling and delivery), you can keep costs to a minimum.

Articulated vehicle transporting wood


The more frequently you have to handle a raw material, the higher costs (e.g. staff, transport) will be. So, think about which elements of the supply chain you need.

Because of its density, roundwood is more economical to transport than wood chip.


There are a variety of methods for delivering wood fuel -  see Biomass Energy Centre website for some transport options. Wood fuel can be delivered as loose logs, logs in net bags, loose chips or bulk bags of chips; pellets in plastic sacks or in bulk loads.

How woodfuel is transported from supplier to end user will depend on: quantity, intended customer, vehicle access to fuel store and distance to be travelled.

Delivery may also depend on the customers storage facilities. For example, a hopper may need a high-lift tipper or a bulk bag lifted by crane.

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