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Wood fuel standards, properties and specifications

The majority of woodfuel systems have a very specific range of fuel requirements enabling them to operate efficiently, with low levels of emissions and without blockage of the fuel feed system. Many are designed to shut down automatically if the fuel causes it to operate outwith defined parameters.

The standards you need to know about come from the European Union's CEN/TC 335 (European Committee for Standardisation, Technical Committee 335). Before CEN/TC 335, countries developed their own standards (e.g. ├ľNORM in Austria, DIN in Germany). You may still encounter these.

  • Wood chip specifications

    A handful of wood chips

    Overview of wood chip standards including: origin, size of chip, moisture content and ash content.

  • Wood pellet specifications

    Cupped hands holding wood pellets

    Outline of specifications for premium wood pellets including particle size, moisture content, calorific value and ash content.

  • Log properties

    Chopped stacked logs

    Outline of log properties including species, particle size, moisture content, contamination/bark content.