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Woodfuel accreditation schemes


A NEW accreditation scheme for assessing the quality and suitability of wood chip, logs, pellets, briquettes and hog fuel (shred).

Woodsure Accreditation means that these products have been tested to ensure they meet the EN and ├ľnorm standards for woodfuel quality that have become the established measure in the European biomass industry.
Woodsure's fuel producer and supplier accreditation for woodchip, briquettes and hog fuel takes the form of two levels of certification:

Woodsure Producer Supplier - All accredited producers and suppliers are assessed as competent in producing fuel to a suitable specification, in accordance with the ├ľnorm or EN standards.

Woodsure Plus (Certified by HETAS, the independent certification body for the Woodsure Plus fuel quality scheme operated by Woodsure) - The scheme is based on the original HETAS Quality Assured Fuel scheme, which was itself modelled on European fuel quality standards. All accredited depots are assessed in more depth as competent in supplying quality fuel in a sustainable manner. This involves more administrative paperwork and detail on the timber used, processing and supply, including legality and sustainability.

Sustainability evidence not only ensures that the timber is from a sustainable source but also that the production and distribution emissions do not outweigh the carbon savings made from not using a fossil fuel.

Ongoing assessment is carried out for both levels with feedback provided, in particular where there have been queries about woodfuel quality by a customer or installer. Woodsure is committed to promoting sustainable woodland management practices amongst all of its accredited members.

Both these levels require that members demonstrate the ability to produce or supply fuel to a high quality standard. The Woodsure Plus level provides scope for a more extensive assessment and also permits a degree of differentiation.

The Woodsure scheme will work closely with producers and suppliers to achieve the highest standards of woodfuel production throughout the UK. In addition to testing and assessment, they also provide technical and regulatory support to members, assisting them towards achieving consistency and quality in production methods, together with encouraging and advising upon sustainable and environmentally-responsible practice.

Woodsure helps to guarantee a high standard and reliability in the supply chain.

ENplus certification for wood fuel pellets:

Introduced in 2011 in order to offer the same pellet quality across Europe.  This includes a standard for wood pellets (EN 14961-2 - Wood pellets for non-industrial use) which ENplus helps to implement all over Europe. The certificate ENplus not only fulfils the EN 14961-2 provisions, but requires even stricter quality criteria. This quality seal with its strict requirements stands for excellent pellet quality, low emissions and trouble-free heating with high energy value.  The standard includes the whole supply chain for wood pellets - from production and storage up to delivery to the final customer. In the UK the HETAS is the certification body for ENplus.  Woodsure are now providing ENplus auditing for wood pellet fuel producers and suppliers

ENplus includes pellet length, fines, ash content and ash melting temperature parameters and is a very transparent system.  Identification numbers for both producers and traders secure an extensive traceability of the product. ENplus is the new benchmark for the consumers and the operation of their boilers and stoves.

Benefits of woodfuel accreditation:

For suppliers include:

  1. Instant recognition that you provide a premium product, enhancing credibility of product.
  2. Potential increase in sales and widening of market to a growing number of potential end users
  3. Improved boiler reliability and reduced maintenance, meaning regular, satisfied customers
  4. Woodfuel testing service to BSEN or
  5. Ability to demonstrate that you have good processes in place to guarantee deliveries of the right product.
  6. Ability to demonstrate that you have good processes in place to guarantee deliveries of the right product.
  7. Customer confidence in a quality product
  8. Efficient fuel combustion means lower emissions
  9. Support for responsible local businesses and industries in the woodfuel sector
  10. Arbitration support should issues arise

For consumers include:

  1. Assurance that you are buying the right product for your installation, which will burn both safely and efficiently.
  2. Confidence in fuel quality and sustainability.
  3. Product labelling is consistent across suppliers, enabling consumers to make an informed choice.
  4. Assures customers that the supplier has procedures in place to check that the fuel is consistently manufactured to these standards.

For full details please see the Woodsure website.


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