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Wood fuel consumer case studies

Boiler in outbuilding

Alvie Estate in Inverness-shire have installed a wood chip boiler - view their system in action on YouTube.

And a smaller home - view a working wood pellet stove on YouTube.

DECC Non Domestic Heating System Case Studies, click here.

DECC Domestic Heating System Case Studies, click here.


  • Woodfuel Meets the Challenge

    Woodfuel can provide heat and power - on demand and modern woodfuel technology is efficient and clean. Woodfuel can deliver carbon savings of over 90% compared to fossil fuels and can be cheaper than other fuels. Woodfuel heating systems can attract UK Government Renewable Heat Incentive subsidies, subject to certain eligibility criteria being met.

  • Woodfuel Supply case study - chips & pellets

    Woodfuel provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel and has seen a remarkable uptake in Scotland over the last 10 years. As a ‘carbon lean’ fuel, it can deliver a significant reduction in carbon emissions. This case study gives information about the various forms of woodfuel with an assessment of the benefits of each.

  • Woodfuel in practice - Farms and Estates

    Woodland management and timber revenues can be augmented with the production and supply of woodfuel. This fuel can be sold or consumed on site to reduce energy bills. This sector study highlights five very different businesses where the use of woodfuel in the past few years has made a significant contribution.

  • Woodfuel in Practice - the Hospitality Industry in Scotland

    Tourism is one of Scotland's largest business sectors, providing direct employment for 200,000 people and generating visitor spending of more than £4 billion a year. This sector study introduces five very different businesses in the Scottish hospitality industry, ranging from a small B&B to a large resort. All of them are contributing to the Scottish Government's aims of increasing renewable energy production and reducing CO2 emissions by using woodfuel systems, while also making substantial cost savings.

  • The Isle of Eriska Hotel wood pellet boiler

    This case study by ALIEnergy looks at the reasons why the Isle of Eriska Hotel, situated on its own island in Argyll, converted to woodfuel for heating the rooms and its swimming pool.

  • Sawmill Case Study: Scottish Woods

    In 2006 Scottish Wood installed a new log boiler system to provide constant heat and hot water to a brand new timber kiln, company office, and domestic residence. The owners wanted to make best use of all timber on site. They were producing a lot of slab wood which could not be converted into saleable boards. They decided to put the material to good use, improving the return to their business through better, faster kiln drying of the core business product. The log-boiler also provided heating to their on site buildings.

  • Combined Heat and Power Case Studies

    The Association of Decentralised Energy hosts a series of Combined Heat and Power case studies.

  • Cuilfail Hotel log boiler case study

    The Cuilfail Hotel is a twelve bedroom hotel which was built in the Victorian era, and is situated close to the shores of Loch Melfort. With rising fuel costs and also a desire to reduce the environmental impact of the hotel’s heating system, the current owners replaced the old LPG boiler system with a new log fuelled boiler. This case study was prepared by ALIEnergy.

  • Drimsynie House Hotel woodchip boiler case study

    The estate management team at the Drimsynie House Hotel in Lochgoilhead, identified energy usage as one of the potential cost savings for the business. Switching from oil fired boilers to renewable heat also reduces fossil fuel consumption, which is part of an overall environmental strategy for Drimsynie Estate. This case study was prepared by ALIEnergy.

  • DECC domestic RHI case studies

    Case studies showing different types of renewable heating systems and the savings homeowners made.

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