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Energy services companies (ESCos)

An energy services company (ESCo) is a one-stop-shop business that designs, installs, maintains and generally owns your wood fuel boiler system.

Some contracts will have the option for you to buy the boiler back after a certain time period.

Many ESCos will also supply heat and offer guaranteed energy prices. Heat is sold to you on a pence per kilowatt hour basis, prices are calculated on delivery, distance, maintenance and support level required.

Other advantages to using an ESCo include:

  • Likelihood of best value and project success through risk management
  • Can remove the need for capital investment from customers
  • Packages depend on client requirements and each is tailored to individual needs

Note: as the owner of the boiler in the first instance the ESCo company will benefit from Renewable Heat Incentive payments, rather than you, the end user.

Below is a list of energy services companies operating in Scotland. Note that inclusion on this list does not imply an endorsement by Usewoodfuel Scotland.

Please contact us if you are an ESCo operating in Scotland and are not included in this list.