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Review energy efficiency

First of all, take any steps you can take to insulate your buildings. If you buy a boiler and insulate later, the boiler will be bigger (and more expensive) than need be and will work less efficiently.

House with heat flowing out and cold coming in

15% of all heating costs could be lost through an un-insulated loft, whilst a third of heat loss occurs through un-insulated walls, according to the Energy Savings Trust, so energy efficiency should be your first consideration.

Overall, insulation and other energy efficiency measures offer a lower per unit cost reduction to heating bills than can be achieved by installing renewable energy technologies. When combined with the installation of wood fuel boilers, energy efficiency measures may reduce the overall cost of switching to woodfuel

Support is available for businesses, households and public sector organisations:

There is a Government incentive for large commercial and public sector organisations to reduce their energy output through the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

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