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Choose the type of heating system

Once you have worked out your energy needs, boiler size, storage and wood fuel availability, and are aware of any legal constraints, you can choose the most suitable type of equipment to meet your needs.

Boiler with feed

Always take expert advice when choosing your wood fuel heating system. You may want to talk to an energy services company (ESCo) who will design, install and maintain your wood fuel boiler system, as well as supplying heat.

We have produced a number of case studies which will show you examples of heating systems for a range of situations.

Equipment for wood fuel heating systems

We have also produced an outline of available technologies to give you an idea of what equipment is needed, ranging from domestic to large scale commercial applications:

You may also need a back-up system (e.g. the existing oil/gas boiler) and a top-up system for peak load times (e.g. the existing oil/gas boiler, or a renewable source such as solar water heater).

Further information

Here are some guidance documents and articles to help you choose your system:

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