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Find out what woodfuel is available to you

Using a local supplier is important for keeping down costs and carbon emissions. Your boiler, storage and delivery options depend on what type and quality of woodfuel is available and what size and type of delivery vehicles are used.

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It is important to research suppliers and start getting your fuel supply organised at an early stage as this will affect the:

  • running costs of your system
  • type of system you install
  • level of support and maintenance that can be provided by the fuel supplier
  • design of the storage and delivery system for the woodfuel system.

Find out what types of fuel can be supplied, what their specifications are (e.g. size, moisture content), and how fuel would be delivered.

Ultimately the most suitable type of fuel for you will depend upon your individual circumstances - see What type of user are you? and wood fuel equipment and systems.

If you are sourcing your own wood fuel supply, good quality, reliable fuel suppliers are now available in most parts of Scotland. You can find a local supplier by searching our database.

Alternatively, you could buy your fuel through an energy services company (ESCo). Many will supply heat and offer guaranteed energy prices. They also design, install and maintain your wood fuel boiler system.

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