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Air quality regulations and guidance

Smoke control and air quality regulations and guidance relating to wood fuel installations. Installations in Scotland are subject to additional controls in Air Quality Management Areas.

  • Air Quality in Scotland

    Provides information on Local Air Quality Management (LAQM), Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) and air quality standards and objectives.

    View Air Quality in Scotland
  • Local Air Quality Management – Technical Guidance LAQM.TG(09)

    Provides detailed technical guidance for local authorities on assessing the air quality impacts of individual and cumulative installation of biomass boilers, particularly in urban areas.

    View Local Air Quality Management - Technical Guidance
  • Energy Technology List for Biomass Boilers and Roomheaters

    If your installation is situated in an Air Quality Management you must ensure your wood fuel boiler is on this list.

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  • UK Smoke Control Areas

    Provides information about Smoke Control Areas in the UK, including exempt appliances and fuel.

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  • Renewable Heat Incentive emissions requirements

    From the 24th of September 2013 in order to claim the RHI for a biomass boiler, users must supply an emissions certificate. Boiler manufacturers must provide testing certificates to prove boilers meet the maximum concentration standards under laboratory conditions.

    For more on RHI requirements, click here.
  • Additonal requirements for large scale biomass (>20MW capacity)

    Large biomass installations (>20MW capacity) have additional requirements and are regulated by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

    For more information, click here.
  • Air Quality and Biomass Guidance for Local Authorities in Scotland

    Forestry Commission Scotland and the Scottish Government have produced guidance on air quality and biomass for local authorities in Scotland.

    Air Quality and Biomass

The 'Assessment of flue gas particulate abatement in wood burning boilers' report was commissioned by the Regional Biomass Advisory Network and produced by AEA Technology. The production of the report was supported by a steering group consisting of industry and Scottish Government representatives.

Download the report in two parts:

and the steering group's response: