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Housing boiler heating system

Wood fuel boilers and stoves

Each boiler has a specification for the type of chip or pellets it can use and you should check with your equipment supplier/installer that the woodfuel available is suitable.

Boilers with a higher level of output can be more flexible in their wood chip quality requirements than smaller boilers.

  • Wood chip and pellet boilers inc. automated systems

    Automated boiler with feed

    Efficient, reliable wood chip and pellet boilers provide heat for a very wide range of uses, from homes to commercial and industrial applications. Most systems are 'wet', i.e. they deliver hot water and central heating via radiators, but warm air systems are also available.

  • Log boilers

    Log boiler

    Modern log boilers can provide clean and efficient heating for all domestic-sized situations and for heating larger spaces such as village halls with a heat output need of 70-80 kW. While wood burning stoves require frequent attention, log boilers need to be stoked only once or twice each day.

  • Wood burning stoves

    Wood burning stove

    Wood stoves and ranges are available with outputs from 5 to 20kW and can be used to heat a single room or domestic hot water and central heating. Many people in the more remote parts of Scotland need heating that will operate during a power cut. Wood burning stoves and ranges can provide this.