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Why Use Woodfuel?

    Why Use Woodfuel?

    The use of woodfuel to produce energy is growing rapidly across the country, as people realise the financial and environmental benefits of this natural fuel source.

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    • Woodfuel is a cost effective form of heating
    • Managed well, forests can give us a renewable supply of heat indefinitely, and provide environmental protection
    • Locally produced woodfuel is an even more secure and sustainable supply of energy
    • Woodfuel creates local jobs and can help to alleviate fuel poverty

    There is a large as yet untapped supply of wood suitable for fuel in Scotland (see Woodfuel Task Force Report 2011).

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    Cost effective

    Find out how switching to wood fuel can save money on fuel bills for you or your organisation or business. There are financial incentives as well.

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    Low carbon

    Reduce the amount of fossil fuel you use and significantly reduce your carbon emissions by installing a greener alternative.

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    Secure and renewable

    Woodfuel is unique amongst the range of renewables in being able to supply energy on demand. Availability is also reasonably predictable.

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    Clean and efficient

    Wood fuel heating systems have come a long way. Improved technologies and fuel quality testing and standards have resulted in a new generation of clean and efficient boilers.

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    Government policy

    The pressing need to address climate change is driving developments across a host of government policy areas, particularly energy.