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Heating system controls

Wood fuel heating systems have come a long way

Clean and efficient energy

Woodfuel burns in highly efficient, clean boilers which are ideal for installing domestically, commercially and for use by the public sector.

Modern systems

Wood fuel technology has been developed over many years in North America and Europe, so now reliable, clean and highly efficient boiler systems and stoves are readily available. Systems can be fully automated and have controllable temperature settings. Their energy efficiency ranges between 70-90%.

Fuel quality scheme

Reliable fuel quality is essential for the success of a wood fuel installation.

Standards for woodfuel exist to ensure reliable, efficient, trouble-free operation. They are vital if it is to become a commodity fuel that users can buy with confidence of trouble free operation.

The European Union has published clear technical specifications: CEN TC335 for solid biofuels and CEN TC343 for solid recovered.

Air quality compliance

Levels of emissions from any combustion equipment depend on the equipment itself, the quality of the fuel and on how it is operated.

This is particularly the case with biomass equipment. However with good quality equipment, fuel and operating practice, levels of the principal emissions similar to, and in some cases better than those from conventional oil burning equipment, can be achieved.

For information on air quality regulations and guidance please see the regulations and guidance section.