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Woodfuel can reduce your long-term heating costs

Cost effective energy solutions

Woodfuel is a cost effective solution for heating, particularly in areas off the gas grid

Lower fuel bills

Businesses, organisations and domestic consumers who have installed a wood fuel system have made substantial savings from lower fuel costs.

Grants and other incentives for capital costs

Although the cost of a wood fuel system is greater than that for gas or oil boilers*, grants and incentives are available to support the capital costs, allowing the investment to be paid back within a short period of time.

*small wood fuel boiler installations can cost up to twice as much as conventional systems, and larger systems 5-10 times more

Factory containing large water tanksLakeland Smolts - a cost saving case study

Lakeland Smolts hatchery have benefited from an annual fuel cost saving of 20%, with a payback period of 5-8 years on their original capital expenditure.

Read the full Lakeland Smolts case study

For cost comparisons of different small commercial and domestic fuel types, go to the Biomass Energy Centre website.