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Forests and woodlands

The most obvious sources of woodfuel in Scotland are its forests and woodlands.

Harvesting wood material

Harvesting wood for fuel

Harvesting wood for fuel can take place during the final harvesting of a timber crop (clearfelling), routine operations such as early and late thinning, or the removal of trees for a specific purpose (e.g. conservation and biodiversity). Brash (foliage, small branches etc) and stump harvesting are also being trialled.

Forestry equipment at work


There is capacity to produce woodfuel from a wide range of forestry material not suitable for other markets, such as timber harvesting by-products and thinnings.

Forested valley

National forest estate

Over one third of Forestry Commission Scotland's national forest estate production is sold on the open market.

Sheep grazing next to woodland

Farm and estate woodlands

Undermanaged farm and estate woodlands have the potential to provide a significant supply of woodfuel.